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You are about to embark on a journey of educational discovery, where you’ll learn new skills and challenge yourself. Take a look at all the relevant details about our Online Course and get in touch if you have any questions.





Why Choose Us

Our Advanced Trading Course has been designed to enable you to become an expert in trading in just a few weeks. Whether you want to trade commodities, crypto, equities or forex, we will explain how these assets are correlated and we’ll provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to trade profitably.

                        How it works 

When you sign up you will have access to the general forum only. You can ask basic questions about the crypto world and forex market. The idea is to grow a community of traders who can help each other and approach the market in a safe and confident manner.

The platform has been created to bring knowledge to people. It is a space for sharing ideas and analysis of the crypto and forex market. 

The real fun starts when you join our course. Here, you will have access to all the materials, to allow you to trade safely and in a profitable manner. You will also have access to the private members area, where we will be able to review the latest market analysis and share it with others.

We also have forum for investors to learn how maximise their investments and locate the best opportunities.

Currently we have a very successful version of the courses available to Polish customers only. Due to high demand, we will be releasing a UK (English version) of our courses very soon. In the meantime, feel free to ask us any questions (English or Polish) on our General Discussion forum.

Grzegorz Cholewa
​Founder of Independent Trading Investment

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Independent Trading Investment 🅡 is always trying to improve our curriculum and meet the needs of our growing community. Student feedback is a vital part of this process, and we are proud to share the reviews we receive. Contact us if you would like to learn more.


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